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tut::test_group< Data, MaxTestsInGroup > Class Template Reference

#include <tut.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class Data, int MaxTestsInGroup = 50>
class tut::test_group< Data, MaxTestsInGroup >

Test group; used to recreate test object instance for each new test since we have to have reinitialized Data base class.

Definition at line 531 of file tut.h.

Public Types

typedef test_object< Data > object

Public Member Functions

void reg (int n, testmethod tm)
void rewind ()
test_result run_next ()
test_result run_test (int n)
 test_group (const char *name, test_runner &another_runner)
 test_group (const char *name)

Private Types

typedef tests::size_type size_type
typedef void(test_object< Data >::* testmethod )()
typedef std::map< int, testmethod > tests
typedef tests::const_iterator tests_const_iterator
typedef tests::iterator tests_iterator

Private Member Functions

test_result run_test_ (const tests_iterator &ti, safe_holder< object > &obj)
bool run_test_seh_ (testmethod tm, safe_holder< object > &obj)

Private Attributes

tests_iterator current_test_
const char * name_
tests tests_


class  safe_holder

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